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To use these Apps you'll need a username and password.Contact us to establish a secure account for hospital, skilled nursing or other care facility including assisted living, DME, treatment, transport, diagnostic or physician office.

Case Manager

Download Case Manager

Case Manager is for hospitals and it's where the discharge process begins.

  • Input patient insurance information
  • Input patient diagnosis (can use ICD-9 or ICD-10)
  • Input patient physician and family information
  • Input patient and case needs
  • Health Care Connection finds providers that can fulfill case needs and will accept patient's insurance within your discharge timeline.

Provider Connection

Download Provider's Connection

Provider's Connection is for all providers, HME/DME, Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Pharmacies, Transport, Therapy and Treatment centers, Extended Care Facilities.

  • Review Discharge Requests
  • Accept request (option to provide pricing)
  • Receive patient information

Physician's Assistant

Download Physician's Connection

Physician's Connection facilitates the communication between discharge planners and primary care physicians. Allowing for quick approval of discharge orders and a simple way to review patient status.

  • Review discharge plans
  • Review patient condition and diagnosis
  • approve discharge plans.