Case Manager app will Dramatically reduce the time spent arranging a discharge. Simply identify patient discharge requirements, insurance and diagnosis then Case Manager will locate providers wh can fill thsoes needs.

Provider's Connection App is customized for providers. Their profile includes a detailed outline of services and equipment provided, insurance acceptance and patient limitation.

Physician's Connection App is built to assist physician communication with Case Managers, monitor patient condition and discharge status. Physician's Connection keeps physicians informed about the discharge process.

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Health Care Connection improves communication between case managers and healthcare providers (DME, Transportation, Pharmacy, Home Health, Therapy and Managed Care).  Instantly matching patient needs to provider abilities.  Eliminate unnecessary communication and wasted time. An interactive private communication extranet utilizing email, cell phone text messaging, and the internet will replace the current “Call and Wait”, “Fax and Wait” systems that monitors the condition of a patient discharge with real time updates through Case Manager's fulfillment screen.

Health Care Connection's Case Manager

Case Manager

Case Managers establish case needs and with the push of a button this automated system matches the post hospital care needs of a patient with the providers ability to fulfill an order and accept insurance. This eliminates the need to manually fax requests or make phone calls to each provider. Provider's are notified by eMail, cell phone SMS, and updates made to Provider's Connection.

  • Case Managers can select from list of qualified providers.
  • Pricing is available to comply with Medicare requirements.
  • All providers are automatically alerted if case needs change or patient condition changes.
  • Easy to learn and use. Requires less than 1 hour of training.
Health Care Connection's Provider Connection

Provider's Connection

Once the patient's needs have been identified, the appropriate insurance and diagnostic information has been entered our system begins the process of selection, notification, and follow up.  Provider's Connection's status screen can be accessed at any time to monitor the fulfillment process and the case manager can be notified if a problem is anticipated.

  • Providers are alerted to requests for case needs through email or SMS (cell phone) messages, as well as an update to their "Open Case Request" screen on Provider's Connection.
  • Providers can accept or reject the request, include pricing and comments.
  • In SNF patient information is kept current, to assist in coordination of patient discharge.
Health Care Connection's Physician's Assistant

Physician's Connection

Provides an easy way for Doctors to respond to Case Manager and Provider questions about discharge orders and confirmation of prescription for specific case needs.

Physician's Connection also allows doctors to review patient information and be informed when prescription, case needs or diagnosis has been updated.

  • Physicians can be alerted to change in patient's condition or discharge plans.
  • Physicians can communicate with patient's family.
  • All physicians assigned to a case, have access to patient information, and discharge status.

You Choose the Providers

Across the U.S. there are over 80,000 providers on the HCC network. Organized by zip code you'll find providers that are close to the patient's discharge location.

Case Manager can also define 'Preferred Providers', these are providers you are most comfortable doing business with. Should you need a wider selection, (a patient from out of town, with special needs, or unique insurance) you can tap into the National Data Base of providers.

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If you are using Case Manager for all your patient discharges, then Health Care Connection will provide you with FREE in-house or government required reports.

If you are a Provider or Physician ask us about custom reporting.

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