Case Manager app will Dramatically reduce the time spent arranging a discharge. Simply identify patient discharge requirements, insurance and diagnosis then Case Manager will locate providers wh can fill thsoes needs.

Provider's Connection App is customized for providers. Their profile includes a detailed outline of services and equipment provided, insurance acceptance and patient limitation.

Physician's Connection App is built to assist physician communication with Case Managers, monitor patient condition and discharge status. Physician's Connection keeps physicians informed about the discharge process.

Health Care Connection Pricing

Health Care Connection provides instant return with no investment. Case Manager will start saving you money before you pay anything. If you aren't satisfied, pay nothing. These easy to use software applications will start saving you time and money on the very first day.

  • Pay per use or contract pricing
  • No initial investment
  • For only $15.00 per full discharge, $8.00 per tracking discharge

Pay Per Use

Each full discharge is $15.00, even if you only discharge one or two patients. There are no other costs, no setup fees, and no monthly fees. You pay only for patients that have been discharged using the Case Manager.

You can use Case Manager to manage your full discharges and as a method for tracking all discharges.  Simple discharges don’t require finding providers for patient needs and only cost $8.00, this allows reports to be generated for administrative use or government required reports such as MirCal or JACHO. Reports can be customized to fit your needs.


Contract Pricing

Prepaid discharges result in a lower cost to you and allow us to scale our resources to your estimated needs.  Depending on the volume of prepaid discharges, rates can range from $15.00 to $12.00.



No charge for training. The Case Manager is very easy to use and requires minimal training. Once you agree to use our system, we'll set up your account and begin. Training is done on actual cases so there is little or no down time. Training can be done with a trainer at your facility, working along side you, or remotely over the internet.

Did You Know?

If you are using Case Manager for all your patient discharges, then Health Care Connection will provide you with FREE in-house or government required reports.

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You Choose the Providers

Across the U.S. there are over 80,000 providers on the HCC network. Organized by zip code you'll find providers that are close to the patient's discharge location.

Case Manager can also define 'Preferred Providers', these are providers you are most comfortable doing business with. Should you need a wider selection, (a patient from out of town, with special needs, or unique insurance) you can tap into the National Data Base of providers.