Case Manager app will Dramatically reduce the time spent arranging a discharge. Simply identify patient discharge requirements, insurance and diagnosis then Case Manager will locate providers wh can fill thsoes needs.

Provider's Connection App is customized for providers. Their profile includes a detailed outline of services and equipment provided, insurance acceptance and patient limitation.

Physician's Connection App is built to assist physician communication with Case Managers, monitor patient condition and discharge status. Physician's Connection keeps physicians informed about the discharge process.

Welcome to Health Care Connection

Kurt WymanMy name is Kurt Wyman, founder of Health Care Connection.

A few years before my grandfather died, he was treated for pneumonia and COPD at a hospital in Whittier, California, and then discharged to an extended care facility where he spent 4 weeks in treatment and therapy. Over the years, he had to go back to the hospital and then to extended care several times. I spent a great deal of time with my grandfather and became curious as I watched him go through the discharge process - from hospital to extended care, and from extended care to home. The work required to arrange his oxygen, home nurse, therapist, and other items was substantial, especially when being discharged to home.

As I talked with the Case Managers and watched them fax, phone and re-fax to make the discharge

arrangements, it was clear that a more efficient method was needed to make the discharge arrangements.

One time my grandfather had a roommate named John, a super nice 35 year old man with Spina Bifida, no legs, and probably weighing 300 pounds or more. I'll never forget the case manager bringing in telephone books, faxed sheets, brochures, only to find that there were only female beds available, or he qualified except he wasn't able to use a bed-board, or some other issue that prevented him from being discharged.

I asked the case manager about automation or a computerized process, but in fact, the fax machine was the newest technology they used. I knew there had to be a better way. Oddly enough, I had a first-hand view of many faxes because my office fax was 1 digit from a medical provider and I saw hundreds of smeared, crooked, and stretched messages, often in sets of more than 20 pages. Of course I honored the

request to destroy the documents but it wasn't very secure.

My nephew, a DME, confirmed that the problem was widespread. He often had to make repeated trips to the very same area to fill a second or third order because they had no organized system to correlate equipment requests.

I called my friend, Lowell Dunn, a data base expert, to see if we could come up with a solution. After years of work and discussions with Case Managers and hospital CEO's, we developed an internet based method of automating the discharge process that is fast, inexpensive, easy to use and simple to install. In addition, we wanted to address the problem of discharging out of town, and coordinating with family members and doctors.

We hope you'll find Health Care Connection to be a valuable asset to your operation as we work to eliminate the "busy work" portion of the discharge process.