Case Manager

Case Manager

Dramatically reduce the time spent arranging a discharge. Simply identify patient discharge requirements, insurance and diagnosis then Case Manager will locate providers who can fulfill those needs.

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Provider's Connection

Provider Assistant

Provider's Connection is customized for providers. Their profile includes a detailed outline of services and equipment provided, insurance acceptance and patient limitation.

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Physician's Connection

Physician Assistant

Built to assist physician communication with Case Managers, monitor patient condition and discharge status. Physician's Connection keeps physicians informed about the discharge process.

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New Features

8th February 2010

Patient Health Details now includes expanded list of medications, dosage, including when the medication was last given.

5th November 2009

Zip Code Placement - Now providers can be located by zip code referencing Hospital location, Patient Discharge Location, Patient Address, or other location.

18th October 2009

Wrapping up Physician's Connection and app that allows quick and easy communication between Discharge Planners and Physicians. Case Manage has never been so easy.

23rd September 2009

Simple Discharge - Now you can input any patient, out-patient or ER patients and take advantage of MirCal Reporting..

10th August 2009

Added ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding options.